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LTS designs and manufactures a complete range of Restricted Orifice (RO) and Metering Connections (FE) for high pressure and high temperature applications. Offered in sizes through 30" (750mm) sizes and fully meeting ASME PTC-19.3 latest edition. Supplied with either fabricated branch connections or integral tappings in pressure classes through 20,000psi (1032bar).


  1. Field proven, High Pressure and High Temperature Components
  2. 3D CAD modeling with component and integrated FEA design analysis
  3. Offered with a variety of End Connection combinations
  4. Integrated pressure class and pipe code breaks without using dis-similar materials
  5. Design options suitable for high H2S, CO2, high errosional velocities and critical service applications


  • Codes: ASME PTC-19.3 and PED
  • Ratings: ASME 1500lbs through 4500lbs, API 6A 2M through 20M. Temperature range from -150°F (-101°C) to 1000°F (538°C)
  • Sizes: 3/4" (18mm) through 30" (750mm)
  • Materials: Stainless Steel and Chrome/Nickel Alloys
  • Options: Third Party Design Verification as required


All Components are offered meeting NACE MR-0175 latest edition as required