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API 6A Back Pressure Valve Lubricators (BPVL) & Valve Removal Plug Lubricators (VRL) :
API Equipment


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LTS manufactures a comprehensive range of Type "H" Back Pressure Valve (BPVL) and Valve Removal (VRL) Lubricators for Wellhead servicing in 5M, 10M, 15M and 20M pressure classes. These are offered with various interface connections to accommodate standard and custom stroke lengths thru 30ft Stroke lengths. All associated Running Tools, BPV, Twin Check, Adapters, VR Plugs and tooling are available for API 6A and OEM equipment.


  1. Equipment supply to API 6A PSL-1 through PSL-4, PR1, PR2 and Annex F
  2. 3D CAD modeling with component and integrated FEA design analysis
  3. In-house fabrication and PWHT capability
  4. Hydro testing to 40,000psi
  5. Gas Testing to 20,000psi


  • Codes: API 6A
  • Ratings: API 5M thru 20M. Temperature range from -75°F (-59°C) to 500°F (260°C)
  • Sizes: 2" and 2.1/2"
  • Materials: Alloy, SS and Chrome/Nickel Alloys
  • Options: Third Party Design Verification as required


All Components are offered meeting NACE MR-0175 2002 as standard, as well as offered meeting the latest edition as required