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ANSI B16.34 & API 6D Valves :
Standard Valves


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LTS offers a complete range of Forged Body ANSI 16.34 and API 6D Ball Gate and Check Valves through 60" size ranges and Class 4500lbs. Ball Valves are offered Side (End) Entry or Top Entry, Trunnion Mounted and/or Floating Ball with soft or Metal Seat options. Through Conduit Gate Valves and Check Valves are supplied with Metal Gasket Bonnet as well as Metal Seated and Hard Faced Seats to provide Gas Tight Bubble Tight Shut Off under severe operating conditions. All valves are supplied with either Full, Reduced and/or Exact Port for Pipeline Pigging applications.


  1. Forged Body and Bonnet designs.
  2. B16.34, API 6D, PED Certified
  3. 3D CAD modeling with component and integrated FEA design analysis
  4. Metal Seated Designs with Gas Tight Shut Off
  5. Hydro testing to 16,500psi
  6. Gas Testing to 11,000psi


  • Codes: ANSI B16.34, API 6D, PED, API 6FA, API 6FC, API 6FD, API 607
  • Ratings: CLASS 150lbs through 4500lbs. Temperature range from -150°F (-101°C) to 500°F (260°C)
  • Sizes: 1/2" through 60"
  • Materials: CS c/w Cladding, Alloy, SS and Chrome/Nickel Alloys
  • Options: Third Party Design Verification as required


All Components are offered meeting NACE MR-0175 latest edition as required